THANK YOU for your confidence in me and electing me your next President-Elect.  I am here to serve the 88,000 engineers who make up this great profession in Ontario.  I am only one person on a twenty-five member Council, but I will fight to restore PEO as a proud, self-regulated profession with a great future. 

Thank you to the membership for responding to my issues.  I do regret that so few of you voted, but I will work to bring you back to your profession and ensure your concerns are heard.

Thank you to all of those who set aside their daily lives to run for PEO Council, and to those, who, once elected, give of their time without compensation (and often, too little recognition).

Thank you to all who serve as volunteers, on Council, on committees, and in our chapters.  This organization would stop overnight if you did not contribute.

Thank you to our hard-working staff, upon whom, too often, we on Council dump new tasks and assignments.

Now. . . it's time to roll up our sleeves and fix this Association, and it is an "association" of professionals, dedicated to providing the best engineering in the world to government, industry, and the public.  Please help us on this journey.  We are all in this together.


A continuing strong voice for you on PEO Council

A PEO VETERAN—working for members, protecting the public

Wise stewardship of your money, opposing unneeded bureaucracy

The membership referendum on "PEAK": 

Read my motion to Council Nov 25, 2022 which Council rejected

Working to rebuild engineering's image

Trust, transparency, accountability, and listening to members