FALSE: "The Ontario government supports PEO's "PEAK" program." 

My opponent cites a letter from Attorney-General Downey purportedly praising PEO's "PEAK" program. In reality, he has sent merely a polite letter acknowledging a meeting with PEO's management at which mandatory CPD was discussed. No correspondence from the A-G on this topic, other than this vague platitude, was ever produced for Council--even though we asked for it. . . because actually, there is none. The A-G probably assumes that our membership participated in--and endorsed--CPD, which it did not--and does not.

The Progressive Conservative government of Ontario is philosophically opposed to overregulation and unnecessary bureaucracy. "PEAK" is precisely such a creature. Furthermore, Ontario's self-governed professions operate at arm's length from the government. The government does not wade into political controversies at PEO. I suspect the Attorney-General would not approve of his letter being used to promote any particular candidate.

This is a sad and desperate attempt by "PEAK" supporters to prop up their defective and floundering narrative.


It's time to counter the "big lie" circulating at PEO Council, that we cannot simultaneously and harmoniously serve both the needs of the public and the needs of the profession. This false narrative has circulated around recent Councils, and arguably is the root cause of the present discord and dysfunction at PEO. This self-righteous attitude is why our members are tuning out what happens in their profession. Only 11 % of us vote now in our elections! It's a disgrace.

Councillors feel justified doing things TO the profession instead of FOR the profession. The shameful reneging on the promised CPD referendum is the most recent example of this. How can the public respect us when our own council doesn't respect us? My opponents cannot cite even a single example of where, in 100 years of self-regulation, the public good was sacrificed for the profession's interests!!

Understanding the fundamental principle of self-governance and self-regulation, I would say, is an essential qualification for those who would seek to be President. I get it!!

Wake up and smell the coffee! We have had quite enough of this. It's time to fix these problems and prepare for our future.


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